Strange Attractor Gives Us What We Want

Strange Attractor Gives Us What We Want

Whether we like it or not. And you should like it, baby.

Sudbury's best has a new LP dropped after years of silence. Not that Jeff Houle's been twiddling his thumbs in the between time. He's been doing time with Tommy And The Commies playing some of the best Powerpop Canada's seen since Vancouver's own Tranzmitors churned out their run of singles-going-steady. Good Boy Bad Boy is more of the brittle 60's garage punk you'd expect with Jeff's perfect Rock 'n' Roll vocals. The instantly recognizable . Strange Attractor's ability of reworking Chocolate Watchband chord progressions and guitar tones are on full display and that's no complaint. The last garage revival championed by labels like Burger was drenched in aesthetic-over-quality reverbs and enough sunshine to give me a perpetual headache. We can always expect the Canadian Shield to give us some real Rock 'n' Roll that's as hard as the granite they pass out on. That's what we got here. This ain't no pillowy-soft, psychedelic daymare like you're trapped in the mall under the fluorescents staring at rows of zombies in Joy Division T-shirts, skin yellowing with the glow of monotonous clang. Strange Attractor is 10 pints deep and still cooking' with the kind of fire that made the cavemen survive. Lets face it - of all the Garage Rock that was coming out of the 2000's and 2010's, Attractors were on top of the heap - especially in Canada. 10 years after the last LP they've dropped another that's just as good as anything they did a decade ago. And they're still mopping the floor with most garbage that gets given the moniker of "Garage Punk". So if you're digging Satanic Togas, Chats, GEE TEE type records, you'll be all over this. If you're not, you're wasting your damn time. It ain't too late and you can start right here. Rightfully at home on Celluloid Lunch Records in Canada and Drunken Sailor Records in the UK. 

Copies very proudly in the shop.

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