Evil Tree, Lafff Box, Store update!

Evil Tree, Lafff Box, Store update!

Lafff Monster

We're back. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Such is life in Vancouver BC. A few things happened since the last time we blabbed. Sore Points played their final show which was a sad affair. Sad to see em go, nice to see the rare performance even if it was dogged a bit by some technical issues. Sore Points are definitely a band that fits into the IFKYK category. A Vancouver treasure. Will always be good to see what those members get up to. 

The small shop that Unrest Records and I started is being evicted - we've gotta be out at the end of the month. Such as life in Vancouver. I will say it was nice to be a part of this building. The space at 825 Hastings has been a Vancouver staple in the underground for well over a decade. From The Emergency Room and the No-wave/Noise rock scene that spawned bands like White Lung and Mutators. Then CBDB's and finally it's last incarnation as The Bullet Farm. We got in right at the end as No Future Shop, a place dealing primarily in Punk/Metal/Subculture records. We'll hopefully find a little space somewhere else to continue but until then it'll be in storage while I move on to some other projects.


Drew from Sick Thoughts is the genius behind Evil Tree and we've been given the green light to put this 6 track mini LP out for you metal maniacs. Early Dark Throne, Midnight and maybe even Mentors get some exercise here. It's evil, it's horny and it rips. First 100 copies are on coloured vinyl. It's out in May. Preorder is running now.

Germany's Lafff Box were a band that Chain Whip played a couple of gigs with last year and they are an absolute standout. Manic playing, quick and tough. It brings to mind early Jay Reatard and Marked Men but you can pick out bits of Thin Lizzy in the guitar work in the rock-outs. I'm a massive sucker for this approach and they're one of the best to do it currently. Live they're unstoppable and the energy is thankfully captured right here. Two tracks and preorder are rolling right now, first 100 copies are on colour. Europe - please order via Turbos Discos.

We've also thrown a tonne of records in the online store including the new Total Punk stuff. Those Tee Vee Repairman records will not last long and that Heavy Metal 2xLP is a fucking beast. One of the stupidest things I've ever laid eyes on. It's great. Please support the label. We got bit things planned for this year and another preorder going up shortly!

Thank you so much to everyone.

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